Sports participations and Prizes recieved in different events

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The VIET campus develop the students' wholesome personality by encouraging their participation in games and sports. The vast campus provide ample opportunities to strengthen the students' dynamism with arrangements for the indoor and outdoor games. In order to maintain emotional and physical balance in students, it gives much them an integral part of the curriculum.

A large play ground in the campus is well equipped for Athletic Track, cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, kho-kho, Throwball, shuttle, Tennikoit, Table Tennis, chess, carom and other games. The college organizes intra college competitions in sports and games.

Facilities available for Games and Sports: Cricket Play Ground,Net Practice , Basket Ball Court, Tennis Court, Volley Ball Courts,Through ball & Shuttle


The gym is equipped with most modern work out machines. Dumbbells and Discus are available in all sizes to provide participants extensive free weight training.

The gym floor features a layer of plywood and adds to the ambience of the gym, making the workout a highly enjoyable and refreshing experience.

Gym instructor has been arranged in our institution for proper guidance regarding exercises.

K.Venkateshwara Rao

(Physical Director)